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Transmission cables are often 3-5in (75-125mm) in diameter and may be installed directly buried or in, typically, 6-8in (152-203mm) plastic conduits with commercial installations up to 500kV. Most extruded cables are ac, but a very few are dc. Figure 1: Components of an extruded cable. C. Pipe-Type Cable High-pressure pipe-type (HPPT) cables are so. 6.5.1 Type AC Cables 6.5.2 Type MC Cables 6.6 Fishing Cables 6.7 Installing Cables Through Fire-Rated Walls, Floors or Ceilings 7. AC CABLES -- SPECIFIC INSTALLATION PROCEDURES 7.1 Boxes and Fittings 7.2 Isolated Equipment Grounding 7.3 Health Care Facilities 7.3.1 Emergency Systems in Health Care Facilities 8.

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